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Why is demand generation so hard?

March 26, 2015

Steve Gershik asks Jason Hekl of SiriusDecisions:
  • Why is demand generation so hard?
  • How is a marketer supposed to manage the complexity?
  • What are other trends in B2B marketing that you are seeing today that you think has the potential of really being transformative to the way that we market?
  • What would you advise somebody who is taking on the CMO role for the first time?

Some of the highlights include:

I went one time to a company in Florida, they actually had in their lobby, a sign welcoming me to their offices because I was the person who had the information that they needed right? 

It’s not like that anymore. People go online, they have access to so much information. You just do not see that type of interaction so it makes it harder and harder for us as marketers to get through to our target audience.

It’s both enablement and a lot more access but a lot more complex at the same time.

"But at the same point in time, they are trying to build agility in this process, into the planning and execution of their marketing progress because they know that it is a dynamic environment that they are selling into, that they have very dynamic buyers; that what they are doing every day changes so they both need a master plan to manage against but at the same point in time, build listening analysis, insight, dynamism into how they actually execute their marketing programs.

When you start talking about agility and kind of these lean approaches to how we execute our marketing programs, you start getting into data and insights and experimentation and proving and disproving hypotheses so we see a lot of that.

Transformation itself is actually a big thing that we are running into quite a bit."

"...Oh, there’s so much that goes into that answer Steve. I mean we look at the LDR function, or tele-prospecting function, I look at it as the glue that sits between sales and marketing. So the challenge that we have with that a lot of times is the mis-appreciation for how to actually even use that function. Some of the approaches that leaders can take is one, recognize that not all LDR activities are the same. 

I mean we see this, we did primary research a few years ago on this topic and we looked at the tele-prospecting function in particular. So why are they not successful as we want them to be? And one of the key reasons from that is when you look at a function that sits between sales and marketing, when you look at those LDR’s and what they are being asked to do on a day to day basis, they can be asked to be calling upon and qualify marketing generated increase. They could be aligned with sales reps and each of those sales reps has a target list of accounts that they are walking the prospect into."

You'll have to listen to the full show to get all of the stories and insights from Jason Hekl.

About our guest:
Jason Hekl, Vice President and Group Director, Demand for SiriusDecions is a marketer. His specialties include:High tech marketing, including demand generation, messaging, marketing program management, PR, analyst relations, sales and marketing operations, content development, direct marketing, event management. Prior to SiriusDecisions, Hekl was Vice President of Marketing for Coupla.