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Really generating demand and content marketing secrets by Topo’s Craig Rosenberg

January 21, 2015
Craig Rosenberg, is Co-Founder and Chief Analyst at Topo, a research and advisory firm that helps companies grow faster. He is also known for his work as the Founder and Editor of The Funnelholic, a 
hugely successful sales and marketing blog that is a household name for marketing and sales professions. You can find Craig just about everywhere as he is involved in some of the most insightful and effective content in the market today.
Some of what Steve Gershik asked Craig Rosenberg is below:
  1. Tell us all about Topo. Why did you start this venture? 
  2. Most people know you from the Funnelholic, lifeblood for any marketing or sales professional. How is Topo different than the Funnelholic?  How do you balance the personal vs. professional blogs?
  3. You are always coming up with great content ideas/ topics both on Topo and Funnelholic. How do you do it?
  4. You have worked with some of the best marketers around…can you share with us some networking and collaboration advice?
  5. What’s the biggest surprise in the B2B marketing world today? Why? 
  6. What would you say are the biggest challenges persist for marketers? Is it still content marketing or it is more fundamental than that? Basic stuff or more complex?
  7. What are core competencies for modern marketers today? Is one skill set imperative in your opinion?
  8. Can we teach people how to become better marketers? Better writers? What advice can you share to become a better writer for those marketers that struggle with this?