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Marketing and Sales Focus on High Performance

February 19, 2015

David Brock, President of Partners in Excellence, is about high performance. Sales, marketing and executive management is where he focuses his time consulting, speaking, and coaching. His clients span the industries from aerospace, retail, consumer products, and software and range from Fortune 25 to startups including some of the biggest global brands.

Some of the questions Steve Gershik asked included:

  1. Can you tell us a little about Partners in Excellence?
  2. Your tagline is great, “Making a Difference in Business and In Your Personal Life”. How do you help both business and people?
  3. You have worked in the sales and marketing industry for over 20 years – what is it that makes sales and marketing so challenging these days?
  4. What makes one organization perform better than another? Better product? Better sales team? Training? Better marketing or bigger budgets? Is there a recipe for success?
  5. How do you uncover weaknesses or areas that need improving in sales and marketing teams? 
  6. On your website you use the words impact and time to results – how important is timing? Why? 
  7. Thinking about impact---what is the best way to make an impact as a marketer today?
  8. What would you say is the biggest B2B marketing challenge? Why?
  9. What is the biggest sales challenge besides driving more revenue? Why?
  10. What role should technology play in today’s sales organization? 
  11. Leadspace provides social demand generation solutions –helping to provide real-time data for organizations. How important is accurate data for a sales team? What happens when sales doesn’t trust in their data and/or marketing?

11. What is your advice for better sales and marketing alignment?