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Demand Generation is the foundation of where revenue begins

January 1, 2015

Doug Sechrist is a dynamic marketing executive with nearly 15 years building and leading demand marketing teams at high growth, successful Saas leaders. He has a proven record of helping companies efficiently grow by bringing sales and marketing teams together through process, automation, alignment and shared KPIs. 

Doug runs demand marketing at Five9, the leader in cloud contact center software, where he oversees the company’s field marketing, demand generation, marketing operations, and sales development teams. Prior to Five9, Doug was the Vice President, Demand Marketing at Eloqua, driving predictable revenue for the organization.

Some excerpts include:

Steve: And so how does that interplay with what a lot of people think of as traditional marketing, the Madmen model of marketing; that creative fanatic history of marketing that most people associate? How do those two aspects of marketing interplay?

Doug: I think they are both important. In 10 years ago the whole Madmen analogy was very much in play and especially in the B2B space and in software as a service space. 

Companies had to figure out how to profitably run their businesses. Billboard advertising and print advertising and things like that that traditional marketers used to say, “Hey, we’ve got this great ad. It’s running in BusinessWeek and Forbes we have no idea what it’s done for our business.” That just wasn’t a good enough answer anymore, so businesses had to figure out what are the tactics that work. How few of an investment can we make to actually get to our targets and starting to look at efficiency? So that’s how they come together.