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Amnon Mishor on Predictive Analytics - What are they and do I need them?

March 19, 2015
Hear one of the biggest names in predictive analytics give his take on this exciting space. Amnon Mishor, Founder & CTO of Leadspace will be our guest for this show.

You'll hear:
- How does predictive help B2B marketers?
- Is predictive right for your company?
- What's the future of the predictive space?

Amnon has military intelligence background - unique background and insights into this space.

Predictive is a very general term used in many industries. Let's focus on B2B sales and marketing domain. 

Helping you to predict the likelihood of a particular person or buyer to buy one of your products
propensity of a particular person to respond to a particular message.

Predictive scoring
Predictive discovery
You are rating this person as a better match and then targeting them.

It isn't just lead scoring.
Very commonly companies/people look at it in this way and it's too narrow.