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Advocate Marketing: What is is and how you can get it.

December 11, 2014

Building a brand new category isn’t easy – but Influitive’s Jim Williams makes it seem easy. Eloqua’s former Director of Product Marketing helps us realize why we need Influitive’s Advocate Marketing.

Here's a nutshell of what advocacy marketing includes, and you can decide if you need it or want it:
Capture the best leads
Cultivate product reviews
Secure perfect references
Instant product feedback
Share content with conviction and build buzz

Jim Williams is the VP of Marketing for Influitive. Williams is a strategic thinker and marketer who drives tangible results/ROI for startup and early stage software companies. Prior to Influitive, Williams lead product marketing and demand generation at Eloqua.

Some of the questions host, Steve Gershik asked were:

1. Influitive and Advocate Marketing ….tell us more. Why is harnessing the power of advocates so important today?

2. What’s changed in marketing in the last few years that has made B2B a little more exciting?

3. What is a day in the life of a VP of Marketing at a hot start-up like? What are your biggest challenges?

4. How do you build an effective marketing strategy for something so new and different? Building a new market isn’t easy, is it?

5. Do you believe in taking risks as a marketer? Does the start-up mentality foster that?

6. You were an integral part of a very successful marketing team at Eloqua – what best practices did you learn while part of that team? What made the Eloqua marketing team unique?

After the break:

7. What’s the secret to building a great marketing organization? Do you hire for skills? Passion? What makes a team successful?

8. What’s the best way to become a better marketer?

9. Where does content marketing play a role in your marketing strategy?

10. Let’s talk about data. Leadspace provides social demand generation solutions –helping to provide real-time lead data for organizations. How important is accurate data for marketing?